6 Common Foot Types: Assessment and Treatment

A deep dive into the assessment and treatment of common musculoskeletal presentations in the foot.


In this online course you will learn

How the foot functions based on musculoskeletal and fascial anatomy, assessments for the foot, and how to correlate these assessments with common presentations in patients in order to provide more specific treatment.

The chapters of this online course include

  • A dive into anatomy of the foot and it's implications in the gait cycle
  • Fascial anatomy and the relation of the foot to the rest of the body
  • Key foot assessments
  • Common findings and treatment suggestions for 6 common foot types: The Tin Man, The Pelvic Dumper, The Duck Walker, The Fred Flintstone, The Acquired Flat Foot, The Paddle Foot
  • An introduction to using foot mapping as an assessment tool

This course is intended practitioners, clinicians, and other professionals who will be assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions of the foot. If you are looking for a more basic understanding please see our Foot Health 101 Course or our Foot Function Membership.

6 Common Foot Types Online Course


If you are looking for an in depth course on the function of the foot, look no further!

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