Foot Health 101 Online Course

Understanding how the foot works and taking control of your foot health


In this online course you will learn

Why the foot was designed to be both mobile and stable, why we need to be capable of both, and how to start working on it!

The chapters of this online course include

  • Basic Anatomy of the Foot
  • The Foot and Its Relationship to The Entire Body
  • Mobility vs Stability
  • Mobility Drills to Improve Foot Function
  • Stability Drills to Improve Foot Function
  • Footwear Recommendations and Transitioning to Minimalist Footwear

This course is designed at an introductory level for anyone to be able to understand, if you are a clinician seeking an in-depth course please see the 6 Common Foot Types course or the Gait Guru Membership.  

Foot Health 101 Online Course


If you are looking for a better understanding of how the foot works this is the course for you!

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